My Experience with Gout: Ernie

Gout is a very painful affliction. It tends to come from nowhere, so it’s not like you feel it coming on and you can take a pill to get rid of it like a headache, you know? When it comes, it comes, and it’s very painful.

So, rather than sit there for four or five hours and try to double up or triple up on medications to see if that would help, go to a clinic. I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I was going to my doctor and was prescribed medication, but I would still have three of four flare-ups a year. I think I had one flare-up in the entire time that I’ve been in the research program, compared to three or four. Being in this program has certainly helped my ability to fend off attacks and improved my quality of life overall.

I guess everybody has certain preconceived notions as to what clinical trials are. You see all the things in the media and certainly they don’t play up the positive side. It’s all fear of the unknown. So I didn’t know if I was going to wind up with three feet or a tail or something. But it has certainly given me a much more positive outlook on what can be achieved through clinical trials. People should have confidence and realize that what’s holding them back may be the fear of the unknown. As long as you follow the directions given, ideally there should be something positive to come out with.

The research staff has been very accommodating when I’ve had to change my appointments. They’ve been more than accommodating. The clinic has a lot of great people.