Are there other options for me?

Thinking-about-joining-a-clincial-trialUntil recently, gout did not receive much recognition as a form of arthritis and as a result, drug treatments were not readily available. This is changing as newer drugs are undergoing investigation to treat gout. At the Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials (CCCT), alleviation of gout symptoms is an important area of study and clinical trials are on-going at this site to find effective treatments.

Some individuals do not find relief from available treatments.  Luckily, there are many newer medications that have recently been developed. The drugs have been developed through clinical research which helps advance our understanding of how to treat and manage chronic conditions.

Gout Clinical Research involves:

i)  the recruitment of patients who are not benefiting from current treatment options

ii)  the administration of a medication (approved or investigational)

iii)  the observation of the medications’ safety and ability to improve symptoms

iv)  clinical observations and laboratory testing such as ECG, blood tests etc.

Above all, patient safety is integral to this entire process and all research participants are provided 24 hour access to health professionals.